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Water Damage And Your Business

Flooding and leaks can cause damages extending into the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress of figuring out what to do following flooding or leaks. The problems become compounded even more so, when the place experiencing an unexpected and unwanted inundation is your own place of business.

Adding to the costs of dealing with a flood you must contend with keeping your business profitable while you take actions to rectify the damage. Even more so, as a business owner, potentially every moment that your business is closed due to sustained water damage only adds to the financial strain. So what can be done to ensure your business is able to recover quickly from unforeseen circumstances? Read the rest of this entry »

Tile & Grout cleaning tips | Certified Clean Care Watkinsville GA

Tile can make a kitchen, bath or foyer look great, but typical traffic can wear down you grout and give it a dull look.  It collects dirt, and grows mold after time.  No one wants to think about their floor tub stall or walls being laden with mold and dirt, so many folks have set their minds to the best way to clean your tile and grout.  Each method is based in a different school of thought.  I hope that one of our methods will work for you.

  1. Blinded by science!

You will need: baking soda, white vinegar in a spray bottle, scrub brush, small bucket of water, rags

Sprinkle baking soda on your grout.  Spray liberally with the vinegar in the spray bottle.  This completely safe chemical reaction does all the work.  The mixture will bubble for a few minutes.  Lightly to work the goo out.  Wipe it up with a clean damp rag, and voila’ clean white grout!  Repeat as needed.

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