Why should you have your mattress cleaned and how often?

Sleep provides the body with a healthy immune system. If you are sleep deprived, then it can greatly affect your health. People spend around 1/3 of their lives sleeping on their bed. It means about 8 hours of sleep everyday is spent inside the bedroom.

It is important to use a mattress, sheets and pillows that are comfortable. Also you don’t want to use dirty or mold-smelling beddings. What if there are dust mites or bed bugs crawling on your skin? This would be terrible! Sleeping for hours being bitten by dust mites. The question is, why should you have your mattress cleaned and how often?

People wear their clothes once then wash them

When it comes to clothes, people normally use them once and then put them in the wash. You don’t use cloths more than once or twice because you want to be totally clean and hygienic. Once clothes are worn, they carry with them perspiration and smell coming from our body’s. The only way to keep them clean is to wash them after use. It is easier to remove a little bit of dirt if clothes are worn just once.

On average sheets are washed every 1-2 weeks

Just like clothes, bed sheets also need frequent washing. However, it is not as often as clothes are washed, most likely after a week or two. Cleaning your sheets of accumulated dust and bacteria ideally every two weeks.

Some people never have their mattress cleaned

Unfortunately, households ignore the need of cleaning their mattress, despite the fact that risks are present on their bed. Probably, they still see it clean but not really aware of the invisible bacteria multiplying on the bed. With this, they don’t dare clean their mattress.

What’s in the pillow?

Dust mites are microorganisms that look like ticks and spiders and are associated to “Arachnida” class. These bacteria are found in pillows and mattresses. They are not predominant in dry areas but worst when exposed to humid temperature. Dust mites are busy gnawing on human’s dead skin. Their feces feed fungi that are increasing in mattress. There are millions of bacteria and dust mites thriving on mattress and other bedclothes like sheets, pillows, towels, including the clothes you wear.

Dust mites typically feed on shed human and pet skin cells. People then can experience asthma or certain allergies on skin. Bacteria cause difficulty of breathing, watery eyes, sinus problems, irritated skin, and others.

The condition is chronic during humid months. And more than twenty millions estimate of Americans experience dust mite allergies. There are no Australian numbers available. Bacteria multiply in pillows and mattress through your face, saliva, breath, skin and hair. House pets and humidity also encourage the growth of bacteria.

How often should you have your mattress cleaned?

Why should you have your mattress cleaned and how often? Unfortunately, many households just clean the bed sheets and pillows regularly, but not the mattress. For a safer bed to sleep on, a yearly mattress clean is important. If you have not sanitized hygienically your mattress, then you are being eaten up unconsciously by millions of dust mites. However, you can discuss with one of our preferred professional cleaner to get rid of these pests. Your healthy sleep will be improved once the mattress is sanitized.

Source: http://cleaning.urbanquote.com.au

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