Carpet Cleaning

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The dirt leaves with us!

With Certified Clean Care, our unique carpet cleaning services protect the investment you’ve made in your home. You can’t always control what happens to your carpet, but you can control how it’s maintained and cared for.

Certified Clean Care is a carpet cleaning expert! We have what it takes to assist you with our friendly service, green cleaning solution, speedy dry time, and our famous satisfaction guarantee; “The most thorough cleaning ever, guaranteed.”

We utilize steam extraction to literally pull the dirt, allergens, pet dander and more from your carpets, leaving them truly clean. Steam extraction is the cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers.

We’re often asked why we don’t use rotary cleaning. This cleaning method can provide the appearance of clean, but doesn’t actually pull the dirt from your carpets like steam extraction does. Rotary cleanings can are a cheaper cleaning method, but are often charged the same as steam extraction.

Certified Clean Care can take your cleaning one step further by applying a protective sealant – Fiber ProTector – designed to serve as a barrier between future bacterial exposure and potentially irremovable stains.

Pricing & Service Levels

We offer three service levels to fit your cleaning budget: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  1. Silver Service carpet cleaning includes our all natural cleaning process, where we pre-vacuum your carpet, utilize corner guards and entry mats to protect your floors and molding, carpet pre-conditioning, dirt extraction/ clear water rinse, spot treatment, carpet grooming and speed drying
  2. 2. Gold Service carpet cleaning includes the same cleaning method in the Silver package, but adds applying protector to your carpet and a 6-month spot and spill warranty.
  3. Platinum Service carpet cleaning is our top of the line package that includes all of the services in our Silver and Gold packages, plus we will wipe down your baseboards and moving any furniture needed to get the most thorough cleaning ever!

We always explain our pricing options upfront – no hidden fees or charges after the fact.

Since 1992, Certified Clean Care has been trusted to clean, protect, and clean your wood floors.We guarantee all of our work to assure complete customer satisfaction. “The most thorough cleaning ever, guaranteed.”

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